From very concentrated Tannat grapes, following the methods of elaboration of Vintage Ports, we stop the fermentation with Tannat selected alcohol of high quality, which contains a great part of the natural sugar of the grapes, to obtain this liqueur. After vinification we age the wine in American Oak barrels for 15 months.In tastings, it presents an intense, deep, dark violet colour, with red cherry, coffee, chocolate and black fruits flavours. In mouth, it is well balanced with high concentration, richness and elegance as well as ripe plums and cacao notes. We recommend it to accompany desserts with chocolate sauce and matured cheeses.


Region: Paso Cuello, Uruguay.
Climate: Tempered and maritime, with good influence of Atlantic Ocean
Type of soil: Frank clayer, calcareous, with good permeability.
Type of grapes: Tannat 100%
Type of harvest: Manual.
Crushing: Destemmed 100%.
Alcoholic fermentation: 4 days at 18º C. stoping the fermentation with Tannat selected alcohol of high quality.
Barrel Aging: 15 month in American Oak
Alcohol: 15,5 %
Total acidity: 3,4 g/l
Residual sugar: 197 g/l
pH: 3,5


Type of bottle: Bordaleza Seduction 500ml. – green color
Code: EAN 13 – 7730900341301
Closure: Cork
Full bottle weight: 1,200kg


6 bottle box: cardboard
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 360 x 65 x 65 (mm)
Full weight: 1,310kg

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