Thanks to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean it has important thermal amplitude between the day and the night, with warm days and cool nights, which helps to get intensity and concentration of aromas and flavors.

High density plantations, controlled volumes and manual grape harvest make them to arrive in the winery with their intact enological expression to contribute to the excellence of our wines.

The conduction way and the general vineyard management are also selected depending on the variety. In this way we search for obtaining excellent quality grapes, so subsequently they will express its varietal typicity in the wine

We strongly believe that the quality starts in the vineyard. That is why we only make wine with grapes produced in our own plantations, and the obtained results absolutely satisfy our expectation of high quality, and distinctive character of our wines.


The main objective is to produce high expression wines, in a process that acknowledges the quality of the grapes obtained in the vineyard.
For this purpose, we respect as much as it is possible, the integrity of the grapes throughout the whole winemaking process. We carefullycontrol fermentation temperatures, and use a minimum of external elements, so as to achieve a high expression of the typical characteristics of each variety.
All of our wines are produced and bottled in our family properties, using grapes from our own vineyards, in a combination of technology, art, and traditions transmitted through generations.