Route 69, Km. 30,500, Canelón Chico, Canelones, Uruguay. CP 90200


It is a small and quiet country in South America, with 178.000 Km2. It borders on the North with the Brazil, and on the West with Argentina; on the South its coasts are washed by the River Plate which flows into the Atlantic Ocean on the East.

It has a waved geography that is furrowed by several rivers and streams. The country stretches between 30º and 35º South latitude, which is the place with the better grape growing conditions in the southern hemisphere, (similar position to central Chile, Argentina, South Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).

With an affluent weather of differentiated seasons and occasional rains, it has significant temperature differences between day and night, during the grape ripening period, letting us to obtain very balanced harvest, with great aroma potential.

Natural rains are enough for the vines to complete their annual vegetative cycle. It is no necessary do any artificial irrigation.

We can select the best kind of soil for each grape variety. Thanks this great diversity and the weather conditions, we are able to choose the soil depending the style of wine that we want to get, according to the technical objectives previously defined.

Uruguay is the main producer country of Tannat wine in the world and the first one in elaborate 100% Tannat wines, even though the origin of this variety is European. World-wide the enologist community has recognized Uruguay like `the Tannat country` due to it was responsible to rescue the typical and unique sensorial characteristics of this variety.

Parallel 35°

Uruguay, together with Chile, Argentina, Sud Africa and Nueva Zelanda, share the parallel 35°. These areas are the most successful World terrñoir for optimal growing vineyards.